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As I’ve mentioned in other blogs, Adam’s Interiors is a custom contemporary furniture store. The options are seemingly endless! Different colors, materials, sizes- you can “have it your way” at Adam’s, just like Burger King (but better!). No, they rug1aren’t paying me to advertise for them either! Our showroom displays many beautiful rugs- in room vignettes, on rug racks and rug blankets. Many of the rugs displayed can be ordered in an array of colors. I want to talk about yet another option available at Adam’s- completely custom rugs! YOU can choose your colors, the design, the material and more. There are so many options, but I will break it down the best I can (without boring you with each and every detail). Your experienced design consultant can guide you through all the options and help you make the best decisions- no stress!

First, we have several different companies that will create a custom handmade rug for you. You can start out by choosing a pattern from the many already created by designers for each manufacturer. Or, bring your own pattern design. Next, decide what size and shape you would ruglike- common sizes are 5×7 and 8×10. Rug shapes are often rectangular but many opt for a round, oval, runners or you may even choose a pentagon or octagon shaped rug. Now comes the fun part (at least for us designer types!)- time to choose colors. Adam’s has many “poms” (groups of threads showing the colors available from each manufacturer) for you to choose from. You can designate any color per piece of the pattern that you like. You can use multiple colors depending on the pattern. If you cannot find the exact color you need, most companies will custom make a color for you if you give them a sample color to mimic. How cool is that? You can match your sofa, walls, favorite piece of artwork, whatever you’d like.

After you’ve chosen the colors you want, many manufacturers allow you to choose what method of weaving you prefer. The most popular options are hand-knotted and hand-tied. Hand-tufted rugs are made using a hand tool while hand-knotted is done completely by hand requiring more skill and time. Generally this makes the cost higher and the life span of the rug longer.

The next step is to send all of this information to the company. They then make a rendering with your chosen colors and  patterns, as well as send an estimated delivery date and a price for your custom design. Your design consultant will approve of the rendering and prepare the sales order for you. Custom rugs can take anywhere from 8-16 weeks to arrive, many coming from countries such as India, where rug crafting is a skilled art. Despite popular belief that anything custom is very expensive, many of these rugs are reasonably priced to get exactly what you want and need.  We hope you will visit Adam’s Interiors soon to create YOUR custom rug for your favorite room.

—LMH, Senior Blogger


Adam’s Interiors is one of the exclusive merchants for the Stressless Collection by Ekornes from Norway.  I’ve written about them in the blog before, as well as posted numerous photos on our social media websites.  Stressless furniture is made for comfort.  It is the ultimate in comfort.  The Stressless representative in Florida sent this article to us and I thought it was a nicely written editorial about the collection.  The author actually purchased her Stressless seating right here in Florida.  She describes very well the process of discovering, researching, purchasing and enjoying your personalized seating system.  Happy reading!

***Don’t forget to stop by Adam’s showroom anytime for a complimentary fitting for your personal seating system.**

—LMH, Senior Blogger


Goldilocks and the Three Chairs

By Leslie Shapiro • Posted: Feb 24, 2014


Life is good. Having just moved into a house with a room for a dedicated home theater, it was time to get set up. More to the point, time for shopping. Usually, the last thing I want to do is to buy furniture, but the search for the perfect chairs for my home theater became my quest. Seeking perfection, I pored over furniture catalogs, websites and scoured any furniture in my path. A woman’s home theater is her castle, right? I already had furnished my girl-cave, I mean home office, and the A/V room, although last on the decorating list, was in my mind, the most crucial.

I never really cared what types of chairs went in the theater until I thought about how the chairs need to perform. Obviously, they needed to be comfortable. Very comfortable. However, the longer I looked, the more subtle things became apparent. Back support was essential, and good neck support turned out to be important too. And, of course, the chairs should look cool. But there was more too.

I started my search at your typical furniture store. Ugh. Most of the retailers had such generic (read: ugly) furniture that while comfortable, were just too Lazy-boy-ish. I wanted my theater to look cool, not like a rec room from the 70’s. Other chairs were just too stuffy—too much like my grandmother’s sitting room. No offense, Grandma.

I looked at Ikea too. Cool, hip, and well, cheap. Sadly, also cheaply made. This is my forever-house, and I wanted to furnish it with good quality materials. Thanks Ikea—bought some Swedish meatballs and grabbed a few cinnamon rolls for the road before bolting.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, I found some amazingly retro chairs at Restoration Hardware. The “Copenhagen” chair is a beautiful copy of classic chairs designed for a hotel in Denmark. However, the big rounded cocoon backs created a parabolic reflector that completely messed up stereo imaging. Great chairs for my girl-cave, lousy chairs for my home theater.

Then the strangest thing happened. On my way to get take-out at my new local Chinese restaurant, I saw a sign on a small little storefront furniture store: Stressless. I’ve never heard of this brand, but who doesn’t want a Stressless chair? I certainly don’t want a Stressful chair, that’s for sure. I wandered in and took a seat.

The clouds parted, angels sang, and I found Nirvana. I had discovered the perfect chair for my home theater. Stressless, by Ekornes, based in Norway, was just right. The furniture is built there and then shipped to North Carolina for assembly in the US. And, it turns out, Norwegians are the Albert Einsteins of chair design. Who knew? Ekornes makes their Stressless recliners, desk chairs and sofas all with the same basic framework. The basic construction is a steel frame with rows of springs stretched from side-to-side. The entire frame is then encased in high-density foam, then a thinner foam cushion, and finally your choice of fabrics or leather. (Of course, mine was going to be black leather.)

The beauty of the system, however, isn’t revealed until you sit on it. The chairs recline in a most delightful way. Traditional recliners typically just lean back—feet up, head back, eyes staring at the ceiling. The Stressless moves differently throughout the range of rotation. When you first lean back slightly, one row of springs moves forward to support your lower back. Then as you lean back further, the most amazing thing happens. Instead of tilting your head back, leaving you staring at the ceiling, the Stressless head rest remains upright, giving you a perfect view of the TV screen in front of you. Even if the chair wasn’t amazingly comfortable (and trust me, it is), this feature alone would have convinced me to buy it. This is just brilliant. There’s also a way to defeat this feature if you do want to completely recline for a nap. Not that I would know anything about that.

My dream chair avoids another problem that I’ve noticed with most recliners. Although this is my home theater room, it is also primarily a listening room. I found most recliners tend to encase my head (albeit in pillows of comfort) and muffle the sound. Even less cushy chairs are big and bulky and block the sound from my surround speakers. Many models in the Stressless line have adjustable headrests that can be raised or lowered for comfort, and in my case, I can lower them to prevent the sound from being altered. Specifically, I can lower the headrest so my ears are above it, yet my neck is still supported for hours and hours of movie or music magic.

How does my Stressless chair fit me so perfectly? Their chairs and recliners are available in three sizes (small, medium, and large), and most of the sofas are available in two sizes (medium and large). This allows you to make sure your head is supported properly, in addition to ensuring the width of the seat is right for you. For me, the small was too narrow (I tend to sit Indian-style with my feet up), the large was too tall, but the medium was just right. Goldilocks, eat your heart out.

The Stressless home theater seating is the same as some of the sofas, but instead of connecting two or three seats together to form a sofa, they can be configured with a wedge-shaped piece that doubles as a table and remote storage. They can all be configured in a variety of ways to produce the home theater seating of your dreams. From a single chair to double rows of stadium seating, every home theater can be accommodated.

This type of luxury doesn’t come cheap. The recliners start over $2,000 and the sofa and theater configurations start around $3,000, depending on the style, and fabric or leather choices. However, for seating in your home theater, it pays to pay attention to details—details like good neck support at a good viewing angle, and ear position that isn’t blocked. A great home theater with terrific gear deserves equally terrific chairs. Scrimp on wallpaper in the powder room or linens for the guest room. Your theater deserves the best.

This Goldilocks finally found her perfect chair—not too big, not too small, not too squishy, not to firm. Plus, it’s ideal for listening and movie viewing. My Stressless home theater seating is just right.

2014 Color of the Year:  Radiant Orchid

The captivating, magical and enchanting Radiant Orchid is the 2014 PANTONE Color of the Year. An invitation to innovation, modern and pversatile Radiant Orchid encourages creativity and originality. Imbued with a harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and its rosy undertones emanate great joy, love and health. 

Since 2000, the Pantone Color Institute™ has been designating a Color of the Year to express in color what is taking place in the global p5zeitgeist. A color that will resonate around the world, the PANTONE Color of the Year is a reflection of what people are looking for, what they feel they need that color can help to answer. Not necessarily the hot fashion color of the moment, but a color crossing all areas of design which is an expression of a mood, an attitude, on the part of the consumers.

To distill the prevailing mood into a single hue, the PCI team, led by executive director Leatrice Eiseman, combs the world looking for future design and color influences, watching out for that one color seen as ascending and building in importance through all creative sectors. Influences can include the entertainment industry, upcoming films, art, emerging artists, travel destinations and socio-economic conditions. Influences may also stem from technology, lifestyles + playstyles, new textures and effects that impact color, and even upcoming sports events that capture worldwide attention. With each imagesVY8HBXQOunique color shade having its own special symbolism, an additional key consideration is the emotional component and the inherent meaning of the color.

Once the color is chosen for the year, fashion designers collaborate to choose complementary colors.  Each year a Spring Color Report shows you how beautifully the colors work together.  These colors are seen trending in most of the latest products, including furniture and interiors.  Color choices usually include a few neutrals as well as other brilliant pops of color, sometimes colors you wouldn’t normally see together. 

How Can I Incorporate Radiant Orchid into My Space?

Pantone’s websites suggests to spruce up interior spaces by incorporating this eye-catching p10hue in paint, accent pieces and accessories. As adaptable as it is beautiful, Radiant Orchid complements olive and deeper hunter greens, and offers a gorgeous combination when paired with turquoise, teal and even light yellows.

Likewise, the vibrant color is sure to liven up neutrals including gray, beige and taupe. Uplifting and bold without being overpowering, Radiant Orchid reenergizes almost any color palette and provides a unifying element for diverse spaces. 

p13 p12 p11 p8

What is PANTONE?

In 1963, Lawrence Herbert, Pantone’s founder, created an innovative system for identifying, matching and communicating colors to solve the problems associated with producing accurate color matches in the graphic arts community. His insight that the spectrum is seen and interpreted differently by each individual led to the innovation of the PANTONE® MATCHING SYSTEM®, a book of standardized color in fan format. Pantone has since expanded its color matching system concept to other color-critical industries, including digital technology, fashion, home, plastics, architecture and contract interiors, and paint. Today, the PANTONE Name is known worldwide as the standard p3language for accurate color communication, from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer, across a variety of industries. Pantone continues to develop color communication and inspirational tools, and aggressively adopts new digital technology to address the color needs of the creative community everywhere.

Pantone LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of X-Rite, Incorporated, is the global color authority and provider of professional color standards for the design industries. Pantone products have encouraged colorful exploration and expressions of creativity from inspiration to implementation for more than 50 years. Through the Pantone Color Institute, Pantone continues to chart future color direction and study how color influences human thought processes, emotions and physical reactions. Pantonep2 furthers its commitment to providing professionals with a greater understanding of color and to help them utilize color more effectively. Always a source for color inspiration, Pantone also offers designer-inspired products and services for consumers.  X-Rite, Inc.- the global leader in color science and technology- develops, manufactures, markets and supports innovative color solutions through measurement systems, software, color standards and services. X-Rite’s expertise in inspiring, selecting, measuring, formulating, communicating and matching color helps users get color right the first time and every time, which translates to better quality and reduced costs. X-Rite serves a range of industries, including printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, video, automotive, paints, plastics, textiles, dental and medical.

PANTONE Press Release

Pantone Reveals Color of the Year for 2014: PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid

Expressive, exotic Radiant Orchid blooms with confidence and warmth

CARLSTADT, N.J., Dec. 5, 2013 Pantone, an X-Rite company and the global authority, today announced PANTONE® 18-3224 Radiant Orchid, a captivating, magical, enigmatic purple, as the color of the year for 2014.

While the 2013 color of the year, PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald, served as a symbol of growth, renewal and prosperity, Radiant Orchid reaches across the color wheel to intrigue the eye and spark the imagination,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “An invitation to innovation, Radiant Orchid encourages expanded creativity and originality, which is increasingly valued in today’s society.”

An enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.”

Radiant Orchid for Fashion Radiant Orchid’s rosy undertones radiate on the skin, producing a healthy glow when worn by both men and women. A dazzling attention-getter, Radiant Orchid permeated the runways during the spring 2014 fashion shows and is already making its way onto the red carpet. Fashion designers featured in the PANTONE Fashion Color Report Spring 2014, including Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan, Juicy Couture and Yoana Baraschi, are incorporating Radiant Orchid into their spring collections and variations of this hue will carry into men’s and women’s clothing and accessories throughout next year.

Radiant Orchid for Beauty A modern and surprisingly versatile shade, Radiant Orchid enlivens the skin, making all who wear it feel more healthy and energetic. Blending both cool and warm undertones, purple is an appealing hue for distinctive combinations and flattering to many hair, eye and skin tones.

This multifaceted hue is seductive when combined with red and pairs well with its sister shades of lavender, purple and pink, which provides an assortment of lipstick and blush options. Radiant Orchid’s exuberance also acts as a brilliant finishing touch to nails.

Radiant Orchid for Interiors Spruce up interior spaces by incorporating this eye-catching hue in paint, accent pieces and accessories. As adaptable as it is beautiful, Radiant Orchid complements olive and deeper hunter greens, and offers a gorgeous combination when paired with turquoise, teal and even light yellows.

Likewise, the vibrant color is sure to liven up neutrals including gray, beige and taupe. Uplifting and bold without being overpowering, Radiant Orchid reenergizes almost any color palette and provides a unifying element for diverse spaces.

Cross-Referencing to Other PANTONE Libraries PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid can also be cross-referenced to all other PANTONE Libraries including PANTONE PLUS for graphic design. For cross-referencing information, see

About the PANTONE Color of the Year The color of the year selection requires careful consideration and, to arrive at the selection, Pantone quite literally combs the world looking for color influences. This can include the entertainment industry and films that are in production, traveling art collections, hot new artists, popular travel destinations and other socio-economic conditions. Influences may also stem from technology, availability of new textures and effects that impact color, and even upcoming sports events that capture worldwide attention.

For more than a decade, Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, including fashion, home and industrial design, as well as product packaging and graphic design. Past colors include:


  • PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald (2013)

  • PANTONE 17-1463 Tangerine Tango (2012)

  • PANTONE 18-2120 Honeysuckle (2011)

  • PANTONE 15-5519 Turquoise (2010)

  • PANTONE 14-0848 Mimosa (2009)

  • PANTONE 18-3943 Blue Iris (2008)

  • PANTONE 19-1557 Chili Pepper (2007)

  • PANTONE 13-1106 Sand Dollar (2006)

  • PANTONE 15-5217 Blue Turquoise (2005)

  • PANTONE 17-1456 Tigerlily (2004)

  • PANTONE 14-4811 Aqua Sky (2003)

  • PANTONE 19-1664 True Red (2002)

  • PANTONE 17-2031 Fuchsia Rose (2001)

  • PANTONE 15-4020 Cerulean (2000)


***Information courtesy of, please see this site for additional information.***

—LMH, Senior Blogger

Going Green

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As you probably know, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th.  When you think of what that day may bring, surely the color green, greenshamrocks, parades and green beer or Irish whiskey come to mind.  On March 17th, EVERYONE around the world is Irish!  It’s rare to see anyone with out some sort of green on- from a simple green shirt to wacky outfits with green hair, green face paint, hats, tutus, stockings and more.  Many pets dress up too and join the fun!

green4Having a strong Irish background myself, I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I am not familiar (until I did some research, of course) with the origins of St. Patrick’s day and what the big celebration is all about.  I found some interesting facts about who St. Patrick was, why and how he is celebrated and some interesting information about celebrations in America.


**There are some unconfirmed facts about St. Patrick as his death dates back approximately to the year 461 (I’ve seen anywhere within five years of that number!) so please keep in mind that I chose the most commonly found opinions.  If you know more, please do share!


shamrockMarch 17th is when Saint Patrick died.

Saint Patrick is a saint of the Catholic Church, and his holy day is the day of his death, and subsequent entrance to heaven, rather than the day of his physical birth. After spending most of his adult life converting the pagans of Ireland to Christianity, St. Patrick went to his reward on March 17, 461 AD.



shamrockSt. Patrick wasn’t Irish.

There are different theories as to where St. Patrick was born, but all are in agreement that it wasn’t in Ireland.  Many guess Britain and they suspect that he was a pagan until he was enslaved at the age of 16 and taken to Ireland.  During his enslavement he became close to his God.  He had celestial visitations that told him to leave Ireland.  No longer captive he spread the word of God all over Europe. Patrick was called to Rome in 432 whereupon Pope Celestine bequeathed the honour of Bishop upon him before he left on his holy mission. He’s believed to have spent the last years of his life, and passed on, in Ireland.



shamrockSt. Patrick used the shamrock to preach about the trinity.

Many claim the shamrock represents faith, hope, and love, or any number of other things but it was actually used by Patrick to teach the mystery of the Holy Trinity, and how three things, the Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit could be separate entities, yet one in the same. Obviously, the pagan rulers of Ireland found Patrick to be convincing because they quickly converted to Christianity.



shamrockThe Shamrock is not the symbol of Ireland.

The shamrock is a popular Irish symbol, but it is not the symbol of Ireland. As early as the medieval period, the harp has appeared on Irish gravestones and manuscripts. However, it is certain that the harp was popular in Irish legend and culture even well before that period.

Since the medieval period, the harp has represented the nation. King Henry VIII used the harp on coins as early as 1534. Later, the harp was used on Irish flags and Irish coats of arms. The harp was also used as a symbol of the Irish people during their long struggle for freedom. Starting in 1642 the harp appeared on flags during rebellions against English rule. When Ireland became an independent country in 1921, it adopted the harp as the national symbol.



shamrockYour odds of finding a four-leaf clover are…

About 1 in 10,000.




shamrockSaint Patrick’s color was actually blue, not green.

The original color associated with St. Patrick is blue, not green as commonly believed. In several artworks depicting the saint, he is shown wearing blue vestments. King Henry VIII used the Irish harp in gold on a blue flag to represent the country. Since that time, and possibly before, blue has been a popular color to represent the country on flags, coats-of-arms, and even sports jerseys.

Green was associated with the country later, presumably because of the greenness of the countryside, which is so because Ireland receives plentiful rainfall. Today, the country is also referred to as the “Emerald Isle.”



shamrockSt. Patrick’s was a dry holiday in Ireland until 1970.

Aside from the color green, the thing most associated with St. Patrick’s Day is drinking. However, Irish law, from 1903 to 1970, declared St. Patrick’s Day a religious observance for the entire country meaning that all pubs were shut down for the day. That meant no beer, not even the green kind, for public celebrants. The law was overturned in 1970, when St. Patrick’s was reclassified as a national holiday- allowing the taps to flow freely once again…  And boy do they flow- below are just a few statistics on how much alcohol is consumed March 17th alone.



shamrockSt. Patrick is credited with establishing the Leap Year tradition of women proposing to men.

The story states this was because St. Bridget complained that women were tired of waiting for marriage proposals. The story also says that Bridget proposed to him, but he refused!



shamrockThere are more Irish in the USA than Ireland.

Well, sort of. An estimated 34 million Americans have Irish ancestry. Some are pure-blood Irish, meaning they or their parents came from Ireland, but many more have mixed ancestry today. By contrast, there are 4.2 million people living in Ireland. This peculiarity has a lot to do with the troubled history of Ireland. During the potato famine in Ireland, millions of Irish left the country for the US. This diaspora of Irish continued throughout much of the 19th century. Great numbers of Irish immigrants filled factories, served as railroad laborers, and even joined the military, sometimes immediately upon stepping foot on American soil! During the US Civil War, entire regiments of troops were comprised exclusively of Irish immigrants.  It wasn’t until the economic boom of the 1990s that more Irish stayed in their native country than traveled abroad searching for better opportunities.



shamrockWhy is the Chicago River dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day?

Legend has it that years ago on St. Patrick’s day they had been testing the water for leakage using a chemical.  It turned the river green, everyone loved it and it has been done purposefully since!




shamrockThere’s no such thing as St. Patty’s Day and this causes a lot of controversy!

“Patty,” in Ireland is short for Patricia. “Paddy,” on the other hand (note the “dd”) is short for Patrick.  Sound trivial? Think again. Someone even started a website,, in order to stop this travesty.



shamrockWhiskey is the “water of life”.

This is true – at least from an etymological standpoint. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, whiskey is derived from a Gaelic word that literally means “water of life.” That shouldn’t be surprising, other languages have given the same translation to other traditional spirits, but in Ireland, it’s whiskey.



shamrockHow much Irish [related] alcohol do American’s consume on March 17th?

Green beer (usually American beer tinted green in a keg), Guinness and Irish whiskey are top choices for the day.  Guinness sales in the U.S. more than double.  According to one source in 2012 an estimated 13 MILLION pints of Guinness were consumed around the world on St. Patrick’s Day.. That’s enough beer to fill 60% of the Empire State Building!  Jameson is the whiskey of choice in America on St. Paddy’s Day.  Another common tradition is to put a shamrock in your Irish whiskey and drink it to ensure a prosperous year.  Green beer flows like water and Irish whiskey has many a (wo)men “seeing green” on St. Patrick’s day.



I’ll leave you with an Irish blessing and an Irish toast..

And a VERY HAPPY, BLESSED, SAFE Saint Patrick’s Day from Adam’s Interiors!

An Irish toast:

The Scots have their whisky,
the Welsh have their tongue,
but the Irish have Paddy, green3
who’s second to none!

An Irish blessing:

May you always have…
Walls for the winds, A roof for the rain
Tea beside the fire, Laughter to cheer you
Those you love near you
And all your heart might desire.

–LMH, Senior Blogger



Oh the Choices!

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DSPreviously I blogged about all the options Adam’s Interiors has for customizing furniture items.  In addition to all these choices, Adam’s also has a complete design studio.  Our design studio creates custom draperies and window treatments (including motor shades), custom flooring and rugs, custom bedding and pillows as well as wall treatments.

The design studio is located on the second level (accessible by stairs or elevator) and has a plethora of beautiful fabrics, rugs, and wallpapers.  You can find almost any style you need, with varying price points to suit your budget.  All the choices can be a bit overwhelming, however, the design studio has experienced staff to assist with all of your décor needs- pairing colors and patterns together, selecting appropriate sizes for your space, custom made items and more.

Adam’s has great rapport with several experienced and reputable local contractors to make installation a breeze.   There are also many furniture manufacturers that will allow you to use fabric from our extensive collection, just in case the company’s pre-selected fabrics do not suit your needs.   Once again, the options at Adam’s Interiors are endless, there is something for everyone!  Stop in today to check out the vast selection.

— LMH, Senior Blogger

Yes, mirrors can be deceiving.  Interior Designers use mirrors to open up small spaces, reflect light and of course to enhance décor, in addition to mirror3their primary function of allowing us to see ourselves.  We have a large selection of beautiful mirrors at Adam’s Interiors- from floor mirrors and leaning mirrors to wall mirrors and even mirrored furniture.  Adam’s also carries dual function mirrors that have televisions built in- as I’ve mentioned in a previous post- if you hide the power cord you wouldn’t even know there is a screen unless it’s turned on.  Mirrors in the mirror5simplest form are neutral, neither contemporary nor traditional.  Mirror shapes and frames can add a traditional or contemporary touch.

Mirrors make small spaces look large.  I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all caught ourselves gazing into a mirror under the impression that the space goes on and on…  Then…  We realize we are in fact looking at the reflection of the room, hopefully soon enough not to walk right into it!  You can use that idea in your home.  Wall to wall mirrors are no longer a thing of the past, they are trending again.  Use mirrors in small hallways and spaces to visually enlarge the space- you will have a space that feels much more open.

On that note, we can also use mirrors to reflect light.  Unless you are sleeping or relaxing, dimly lit spaces can mirror2be depressing and sometimes even unsafe.  Use mirrors to reflect light from the outdoors or artificial light to brighten dark rooms.  If it’s not lighting you are after, you should consider using mirrors to reflect something attractive or interesting.  Place the mirror across from a piece of art, a sculpture or a beautiful view of the outdoors.  You should hang mirrors so that they are eye level of an average height person, unless of course the primary function is you checking your reflection.mirror1

Mirrors are beautiful, hang them for nothing other than a glamorous, high end look.  Hang multiple mirrors in groupings.  Fill an empty corner with a leaning mirror or a self-standing mirror.  Mirrored furniture pieces are great for small spaces as they often disappear into the room, not to mirror4mention they are a stunning addition to any room.  Watch your favorite show while you get ready for the day on your television mirror.  Offering both function and style, mirrors are the perfect addition to your decor.  We hope you will visit our showroom to check out the beautiful selection we have to offer!


— LMH, Senior Blogger

Adam’s Interiors has a beautiful, expansive showroom- 24,000 square feet spread out over two floors.  You can see gorgeous beds, choice1bedroom pieces, dining tables and chairs, accessories, lighting and much more.  We show lots of leather, lots of dark wood and glass.  We show many items in white, ivory and grey and colorful pieces like Clementine orange, purple and red.  Adam’s buyer chooses pieces and colors that are currently trending, to keep the showroom filled with the newest contemporary styles.


Unlike many furniture showrooms, however, Adam’s Interiors is almost a completely custom store.  First, we rarely sell furniture inchoice2 groups for an entire room.  It’s no longer necessary or even the general preference in contemporary design to use all perfectly matched pieces.  We do sell beds packaged with two night stands, but with options to purchase each individually as well.  The key here is “complementary”.  We are using pieces that complement each other, rather than match perfectly.  You can group items together that share a common color, style, finish, and lines (usually linear or curved).  A healthy combination of a few of these items can make a perfectly mismatched room look perfectly put together.


Second, there are several options on most every piece of furniture Adam’s has on display in the showroom.  If you don’t like white leather, choose choice3orange leather or polka dot fabric.  The leather items can be ordered in almost every color option you can think of.  Many leather pieces come in a variety of fabric- suedes, prints, solids, textures.  Most items with wood come in several different finishes, ranging from light to dark, even greys, whites and greens.  Metal items may come brushed or chrome, satin, brass and copper.  Many metals are painted with a strong powder coat, which comes in over 15 color varieties from blue to pink.  Sizes and configurations of sofas, tables, dressers, buffets, etc. can also often be customized- we can order smaller or larger pieces.  You can create your furniture to suit you and your style and there is little chance that anyone else will have anything like it!  The best part yet is that most of these options rarely come with any additional charge!choice4


Last, but not least, although we have a large showroom and warehouse, we cannot possibly display every piece of furniture you may want or need.  We have an extensive catalog- online and good old fashioned paper- to meet most any contemporary furniture need you have.  A professional design consultant at Adam’s Interiors can show you all we have to offer and help you find something you will love (and will last!) for years to come.

After a long day of work wouldn’t you love to go home and de-stress in your own personal spa?  The big trend in bathrooms right now is to createbtrend1 a relaxing and luxurious experience, an escape from our fast paced world.  Function and style are both important elements as new bathrooms are being built and old remodeled.  I look forward to home ownership so I can create my own personalized spa experience in my space.

The biggest trend currently is large, open, airy showers.  Showers now are mostly glass, with hinged doors rather than sliding or curtains.  Many people are also creating showers with no walls, making the entire tiled bathroom a shower.  I’m particularly fond of this style, as it is a common European style.  It reminds me of my travels to Europe and Asia, where I used several said showers.  This feature is great in small bathrooms because you are not stuck in a tiny shower stall, and even better in large bathrooms.  Also trending is making a private room or privacy wall for the toilet, and bidets are often being used as well.  Duel vanities are replacing single sinks or btrend3even single vanities with double sinks.  Each person can have their own space and storage- storage also being an important aspect in new bathrooms.  Storage has become more functional, allowing for items to be put away conveniently, creating an uncluttered clean space.  Sinks are stylish, often vessel sinks that rise up from the base, sinks that stand on their own legs and faucets that come directly out of the wall.

btrend2Linoleum and glazed tiles are a thing of the past (thank goodness!)- many people are upgrading to marble, stone or porcelain.  On that note, they’ve also added heated floors because nobody wants cold feet!  You can set the floor heaters on timers to ensure energy conservation, bringing up another big trend in design in general- green ethics and sustainability.  There are several ways to “go green” in your bathroom.  Low flow toilets are being used as well as on-demand water systems.  These water systems heat the water almost instantaneously, eliminating the need for a water heater that is inefficient because it works to keep water hot all the time unnecessarily.  Sunlights and large windows allow for natural light, additional warmth and comfortable brightness in the room.

Another interesting trend in bathrooms is replacement of the noisy jacuzzi style tub with a more relaxing soaking tub.  The large outer decking of the jacuzzi style tub is going away as people opt for a slimmer, btrend7sleeker design.  Steam rooms have also become popular for people to add into their bathroom or a separate room.  While you’re relaxing you may get carried away in your own thoughts like me, or like many others you may want to add a television.  You can purchase a TV built into your mirror that you can’t even see when it is turned off.  We actually sell these in our store and they are pretty cool!

The last big trend I want to mention is the use of grab bars.  Most accidents in the home happen in the bathroom.  As the large population of baby boomers ages, certain safety measures need to be considered.  In the past grab bars were often resisted because although many people need a bit of assistance, most do not like to admit it.  Partner that with the previously institutional look btrend5of the grab bars, I can’t blame anyone for avoiding them.  Now, they are making grab bars that are stylish and often function as towel racks or storage as well so even younger couples are working this feature into their designs now.

Check out some of the photos of these great bathrooms- I’m pretty excited for a lot of these new trends!  What would your perfect bathroom look like?  What features are must-haves for you?  Share your thoughts on our Facebook wall!


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–LMH, Senior Blogger

I often hear the question- “What is the difference between modern and contemporary?”  I also often hear the answer, even among industry professionals- “They are the same.”  When, in fact, they are not the same.  There are many similarities and it’s easy to see why they are so often confused or assumed to be one in the same.  Modern design actually refers to a period of time- it is a design style that was created in the 1920′s-1950′s.  It doesn’t change, it is a defined style and will remain such.  Contemporary design, however, is ever changing- it is of the moment.

image (3)


Modern design is defined by clean, unadorned interiors using many natural materials such as wood, leather, teak and linen.  Molded plastic, plywood and polished metal are prominent.  Furniture is open and raised off the floor allowing for an airy feeling.  Walls are often white and floors bare, making the spaces feel large and expansive.  If color is used in the design it is most often a primary color; most pieces are sleek, occasionally boxy, with lots of straight lines or exaggerated curves.  You may think of a more “retro” look when you think of true modern style.




Contemporary design refers to what is popular now and/or involving new materials now being used.  This style of design is interesting because it image (2)is ever-changing and may borrow pieces and styles from many different eras.  New materials are always being created and new uses discovered- any style that uses these new materials may be considered contemporary.  Like modern, many contemporary pieces currently have sleek straight lines.  Also popular now is dark wood and lots of stone and tile.  Grey is being used as flooring, walls and furniture pieces.  Open spaces, large windows and tying the interior to the exterior [through the use of natural elements and colors is also currently in trend].  Pieces are often low to the ground, be it a sofa, media unit or bed.


Adam’s Interiors has a healthy mix of both contemporary and modern pieces and most people mix them without even realizing, which is no problem as current contemporary styles mix very well with modern pieces.  As contemporary styles change the differences may become more clear.  Searching the web yields lots of inaccurate results in regards to what is modern and what is contemporary.  I’ve found a couple great resources on the web, to read more and see additional photos click here:

– LMH, Senior Blogger


A Special Tribute

December 19th, 2013 | Posted by Adam's Interiors in Publications - (1 Comments)

MJFMr. Michael Flick was born a businessman and on December 5, 2013 he passed away a businessman.  Almost five years earlier Mr. Flick opened Adam’s Interiors, named after his eldest son Adam.  Most thought he was out of his mind for opening a high end furniture store in one of the worst economic times in recent history.  However, the store not only survived, but thrived, soon winning awards for Best Furniture Store in Broward and Miami-Dade County, as well as being chosen as Local 10′s Top Ten Winner.

Unlike many business owners Mr. Flick was extremely involved with his business even up til his passing.  He understood the recipe for success and executed it with precision.  Although some would say he had an intimidating presence in the workplace, anyone who truly knew him saw his heart of gold.  He was a caring, loving and giving man who always put other’s needs before his own.  He carefully chose each member of the Adam’s Interiors family, creating a friendly, fun and fair work environment for all.  Most of the staff here has been with the company since inception, many of them moving with Mr. Flick on any business venture that’s on his plate.  I’ve been a part of the family for less than a year now (and when I say family, my co-workers are truly my family, always helping and teaching me as I grow as as person); I’m so very grateful for being welcomed in by Mr. Flick, and being able to say that I was able to learn from one of the best.  Mr. Flick was always quick to share his knowledge with all of us- he was passionate about what he did and loved to teach and assist others.  He made sure that his showroom and everyone in it held deep-rooted values and morals, which is evident with each business and personal interaction you will find at Adam’s.

A memorial was held in Mr. Flick’s honor on Sunday, December 8, in the showroom that he carefully built.  The store was covered in beautiful bouquets from business associates in his honor.  Photos showed a more personal side to the man behind the empire.  Both friends and associates gathered in his honor.  As I listened to the stories of Mr. Flick, from those that had known him much longer than me one thing resonated again and again.  He was like no other businessman that anyone had known- his friendly, kind and caring ways were evident even in each business transaction.  Those in the furniture business were astonished by his emphasis on philanthropy.  It’s almost unheard of to close a showroom for charity events, but Mr. Flick did so several times a year donating to funds such as Hospice by the Sea, Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, and St. Judes to name a few.

Each employee at Adam’s Interiors will carry a piece of Mr. Michael Flick with them in some way, and his legacy will live on.  He is forever in our hearts and minds.  Rest in peace, Mr. Flick, your business is in the best hands.

–LMH, Senior Blogger

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