Natural Gas is an abundant source of energy

Natural gas can be a reliable source of energy. It is a non-renewable, methane-based gas. It can be found near petroleum deposits quite frequently. The majority of it is believed to be formed from the decomposition around 200million years ago of tiny sea creatures, plants and other small organisms. It’s continuously being made in landfills and marshes. It was discovered by Ancient Chinese about 2,500 year ago, when burning it under pans filled with seawater allowed for evaporation to obtain salt. Natural gas from coal beds was once considered a hazardous substance. It is now a valued commodity.

Technology has allowed gas from landfills that was produced to be piped into residential areas, where it can be used for heating and cooking. Siberia, the Middle East and Siberia are home to some of the world’s most important gas fields. These are the biggest gas consumers, as most of it is eventually piped to Europe.

Global warming and concerns about air quality have prompted renewed interest in this relatively clean-burning fuel. It contains fewer harmful substances, such as sulphur dioxide (and nitrous oxides) than other forms of energy. Canada Natural Gas currently accounts for 23 %, or 2nd after gasoline, of energy used. Many impurities can be found in natural gas, which must be removed upon extraction. These impurities include carbon dioxide, water vapour, propane and other gases. Pure methane doesn’t have any odour or colour and can be barely detected. These are hazardous properties for a volatile gas. Mercaptan is used to add a flavoring agent during final processing. This gives it the characteristic rotten cabbage scent.

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