Drawing Towards Your Ideal Lifestyle

One teacher told me that every student should take out a piece paper and draw a pig on their first day of school. After exchanging some puzzled looks, we started sketching.

Others drew large pigs and placed them in central part of the page. Others chose to draw pigs with smaller bodies and place them at the top. Students’ pigs featured glistening eyes, curled tails, and pointed feet. Others had a simple pig design with a round head and an oval body.

After everyone was done, the teacher took out his paper and began reading from it. He said that if your pig is placed towards the top of the paper, you are optimistic and positive. You are a realist if you place your pig in the middle. You are more likely to be pessimistic if you place your pig towards its bottom. He continued reading. He continued reading. You are more emotional and naive if your pig isn’t very detailed. He continued reading until all the personalities of the students in the room were revealed.

Although this test may not have been the most accurate, it was a good reminder of the concept and made us wonder if we could apply the same test to find our ideal Lifestyle toppings. The “pig personality test” is a simple way to discover one truth. Every human being approaches a task differently. Every person has to discover their ideal lifestyle.

This drawing can be used as a metaphor to describe your ideal lifestyle. Each detail will reflect your way of living. It includes 4 elements that can help you realize your dreams: order direction repetition, detail and detail .


Did you draw the house before you started to outline its shape (the walls),? This shows that you must have a clear goal in mind before taking on any important task in your life. Everything must be adapted from the beginning to form the walls of your house. The door could not have been too big and the space between the windows had to be sufficient.

Let’s say that you want to save X dollars this year. You don’t have to, or even want to, know how to do this task at the beginning of the challenge. You will soon find ways to change your lifestyle, just as you did with your doors and windows to save money and meet your goal.

Summary : First, you should have a goal. Then figure out the steps to achieve it.

Did you draw the details of the house (windows and doors) before moving on to the next step? If you answered yes, you’re most comfortable using the skills and attributes you already have to achieve a bigger goal. Let’s say you want extra income, excel at math and are passionate about children. These personal traits can be used to decide that you want to tutor children. If you set your sights on a bigger goal, it is possible to feel overwhelmed and unsatisfied.

Summary : Assess your current skills and determine which larger goal you can achieve.


All lines must follow the universally accepted design principles. Horizontal and vertical are both directions. Horizontal is a sign of calmness, stability, and tranquility. Vertical gives you a sense of balance, formality, and alertness. Do you have a tall or a short house?

You should try to be balanced if your house is high. You may feel the need to go crazy and tackle tasks with a lot of enthusiasm on some days. You may prefer to relax on the couch and watch old TV shows. This isn’t lazy. It’s part of maintaining balance in life.

Summary – Live a balanced life.

You should encourage stability in your daily life if your house is small. You can create a routine in your day that makes it easy to tackle tasks calmly and not feel overwhelmed. You should set aside some time each day to enjoy the sunset, read, meditate, pray, or exercise.

Promote tranquility and stability. Take some time to relax.


Is your house the exact same shape for the doors as for the windows? Are there a lot of smaller and larger squares in your house? If so, then you’re comfortable with repetition. Routine is something you should embrace. You don’t have to be embarrassed that a friend has many hobbies. You will find happiness if you establish a routine that allows you to practice the things you love.

Summary : Create a daily routine.

However, monotony can be caused by repetition. You should be open to change if your home has a variety of different shapes. Maybe you don’t want a 9-5 job. You will find fulfillment if you allow yourself to indulge in almost everything that your heart desires.

Summary : Accept change in your life.


Do you have many details in your home (window panes and shutters, lawn, chimney, etc. )? If this is the case, you don’t have to fear taking on many tasks in order achieve a larger goal. A list of to-dos or “next actions” is the best way to achieve a goal. This list will help you to be more precise and work your way to your goal.

Summary : Create a list of next actions to achieve a goal.

You can make your house look more livable by completing a few small tasks (“next actions”) that you then turn into a “mini-goal.” This will allow you to take on multiple mini goals and still achieve your ultimate goal, instead of trying to tackle dozens of them at once. Although you might end up doing the exact same thing, it will appear more organized and reduce anxiety.

Summary – Create “mini goals”, to help you organize a huge list of tasks


The concept of “ideal lifestyle” can be subjective and reflects each individual’s unique personality. One person may picture themselves on a South American beach, while another may see happiness in climbing up the corporate ladder. Still others might dream of starting a family with their “special someone”. My definition of “perfect” is likely to be very different from yours. If you can only take one thing away from this article, it is this:

There is no “ideal lifestyle.” Find the lifestyle that best suits your personality to find true happiness. Don’t let other people’s ideals dictate your life. Instead, live your life according to YOUR unique personality.

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