Before you take action, you aren’t a leader!

An individual’s position as a leader does not automatically make them a great leader. Also, just because someone has been trained or gained experience or expertise or has great goals and perspectives does not make them a leader. It is vital and productive to enhance one’s assets, knowledge and attitude, as well as goals and prospects. But, unless this leads in a meaningful manner towards the ability to take ACTION while those around you continue to talk about it it, you aren’t really leading.

  1. Nearly all aspects of everything we do are influenced by our true attitude. You can choose to keep it hidden or express it. A great attitude is one that can enhance and magnify one’s talent ( capability). When these steps are combined and optimized, the greatest leaders will be capable of delegating responsibility and inclusive leadership. All of these actions must be done in harmony to attain the best agenda.
  2. Change is a common term that is overused and too often ignored. Although change is often necessary, meaningful leaders know that they are not always motivated by change. A leader is able to coordinatepeople, and createa setting where the decisionsmade will be in the best interest for large numbers.
  3. It doesn’t matter if you don’t move forward in a timely manner. True leaders must not settle for good enough . Instead, they must constantly and consistently strive harder. Leaders should not hide behind the sand but must be attentive to details. Become a leader that makes impact just Dr George Freundlich do.
  4. It is incumbent on a true leader to initiate rather that follow! It is up to a true leader to initiate rather than follow.
  5. Concentrate on original thoughts and approaches! You should be able to understand as many options as possible, and use that knowledge to recognize and visualize opportunities.
  6. Not doing anything is a good idea. Actions must be oriented andfocused. Leaders must be willing and able to take the necessary actions on a timely basis.

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