Adam’s Interiors provides high-quality, contemporary furniture to clients who have sophisticated tastes. You will be treated with great service and attention. Each one of our design consultants has extensive experience and is eager to share their expertise. We even make house calls as part of our fantastic service. We encourage customers to look at our products and consider what options are available for them. We have a wide selection of designer furniture available that you should not miss. This is the choice of celebrities like Dennis Rodman, Paris Hilton, Rodman and others who prefer to be less visible. Adam’s Interiors includes famous designers like Jobi redmond, Kelvin Gjormani, Rick Lee Havier Palomares Michael Wolk and Lewis Lara. Rob Jones, Vladimer Kgen, Cory Grosser, and Goodman Charlton. Imagine you have the option to choose from upholstery fabrics from over 30 countries. You also have the option of butter soft leathers imported from Italy. Check out “You design a rug”, which allows you to create any pattern or color combination to suit your personal taste. We have a huge selection of art and accessories, ranging from commercial pieces to unique collectables. Wildcat Territory also offers indoor fountains, hand-blown Polish vases and bedspreads. You will find inspiration throughout the showroom from a range of materials including exotic and local wood, stone, acrylic and glass as well as rare textiles and metal. You don’t have to pay a premium for custom orders. Surprisingly there is an incredible value component to this package. Adam’s Interiors doesn’t operate as a franchise. All savings are passed to you, and each tag can be printed clearly so that you can compare. Adam’s Interiors has been named the “Best Furniture Store in Broward County”.